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CDR Panel Overview

With the increase in speech traffic, Tele-communication remedy company companies are trying to find new and enhanced ways to provide the popular requirement as well as help the companies to flourish their business by their promotions and enlarge their current system sources. Gventure is single such VoIP remedy company that let you get the highest possible from your sources by offering you the newest and outstanding VoIP relevant technological innovation. To provide all VoIP relevant issues, it is an ideal position to visit. Gventure CDR Panel is one such outstanding item offered by this organization. Range from Small and Home Workplaces to Large Scaled Internet Telephone systems Assistance Clients are always in need of good VoIP CDR Panel that is suitable with the quickly creating telecommunications industry. Call detail record panel for VOIP-SWITCH which is very normal and successful platform for the VoIP calling. This is one of the open source platform to provide you a CDR as per to your want. Gventure CDR Panel is build to view and compare the details of lots of calls of daily basis related to a particular client. CDR panel shows all saved and finished calls details in tabular form. CDR panel is very useful for Gventure client to show their CDRs in a user friendly view. This CDR panel shows all call details related to a particular client. Gventure client can view their account related description like ip allowed, ports allowed, credit allowed by Gventure, balance remaining, and today usage etc. They can view and check their payment related information in a very easy way. They can also see their rates which are offered by Gventure of each destination in a more efficient way. So Gventure CDR Panel is very useful solution for all Gventure’s client.

Key Features

  • User Friendly Solution: You can view your Server IP, remaining balance, and total usage at the top of the panel on each page.
  • Account Details: You can view their account related description like ip allowed, ports allowed, credit allowed by Gventure, balance remaining, and today usage etc in a more efficient way.
  • Payment Details: You can view and check your payment related information in tabular form in a very easy way.
  • Rate Details: You can also see their destination wise rates which are offered by Gventure in a more efficient way
  • Information about Network: In network info module, all the devices ip which are used in currently running network added in to system. You can identify the local computer’s ips and sip device’s ips here.
  • Real-time Call details: You can view and track the currently running calls with their caller id, destination, start time, end time, prefix, duration and cost details.
  • Statical Report: You can view and compare CDRs as daily basis and hourly basis in tabular form. Advanced custom filters are available to search relevant data.

Product Details

User Friendly Solution

Account Details

Payment Details

Rate Details

Information about Network

Real-time Call details


Most of the clients of Gventure are happy with this panel because this panel provides an easier and efficient way to analyze and compare the CDR data. This panel gives a complete description about CDRs, payment, rates of a particular client so they got complete information related to different destinations here.

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